1. Apple Nests
    Apple filling between two flaky cookies.
  2. Cannoli
    Italian pastry made of a hard tubular cinnamon shell filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate bits.
    Small Plain $1.50 Small Choc. $1.75 Large Plain $2.50 Large Choc $2.75
  3. Danish Pockets
    A multilayered sweet pastry filled with Apricot, Cherry, or Cream Cheese.
  4. Lady Locks
    The pastry is made with flaky dough and a buttercream icing.
    Large $2.50 Small $0.75 ea or $8.00/doz
  5. Napoleans
    Golden puff pastry layered with pastry cream
  6. Sfogliatelle
    These pastries are filled with a sweetened ricotta cream, semolina, cinnamon mixture, and candied orange bits.

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